Dick Lavy Trucking is Committed to Excellence – What sets us apart in the transportation industry?

I founded Dick Lavy Trucking in 1978 with a vision; to be a leading logistics provider. In order to maintain this vision, I find it vital to be a partner with my customers as well as my employees.

At Dick Lavy Trucking, we work very diligently to cultivate relationships with our customers, by identifying what their objectives are, and implementing a strategy which best suits their needs. In order to maintain our business partnerships, I know how important it is to have qualified and experienced staff. At Dick Lavy Trucking, we value our employees. We know our employees are one of our greatest assets. I have an open-door policy, and know each employee by name. I have made it my mission, to make Dick Lavy Trucking “THE” trucking company to work for.

Family is important to me – When you drive for Dick Lavy Trucking, I recognize how important your family is to you. We strive to offer you the miles you need with the home time you deserve. I personally guarantee you will be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas to spend time with your family.

As President and founder, I would like to thank you for considering Dick Lavy Trucking.



Dick Lavy