Also known as box trailers, dry vans are prized for their versatility. Although they aren’t designed to transport items that must be kept chilled, dry van trailers do offer protection against elements like rain, sleet, and snow.

Because they are so common, many freight companies find that dry vans are the best way to transport freight, since loading docks are designed to accommodate trucks of that size and shape.

Dry van freight can be secured in place with rails or tracks, placed inside specifically to keep items safer during transport. The size of a dry van can vary, but most can legally hold up to 45,000 pounds. Freight carriers must constantly consider this when managing shipments.

This type of truck is unable to carry liquid shipments unless they are securely packaged for shipment, but bottled water, for example, can be handled by dry vans since it is pre-packaged in plastic bottles.

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