The End of an Era, the start of a new adventure!

Today is a bittersweet type of day. Martha Baker, our Accounts Receivable / Collections clerk, will be ending her long career with the Dick Lavy Trucking Family today. After 24 years with Dick Lavy Trucking, Martha has started her happy retirement! Her constant dedication and work ethic has undoubtably impacted the company’s history. She has been with Dick Lavy Trucking for over half of the companies lifetime! Over the years she has created amazing relationships with customers, drivers and anyone who stepped into the building. Her hard work has not gone unnoticed and she will forever be remembered as part of our family. Her plans are vague for what is next for her, but that is half of the adventure! From all of us at the Dick Lavy Trucking Family, Thank You for everything you’ve done for us and congratulations on a much deserved retirement!