Driver Spotlight 1/13/2023

Meet Daniel Porter, a 16 year over the road veteran of the Dick Lavy Family. Daniel has 4 grown kids and one at home with him and his girlfriend. When he is home he enjoys family time! He said that being the sole provider for his family, Dick Lavy has been there for his family in more than a financial way. He enjoys traveling and seeing the scenery and sights. He enjoys meeting new people and experiencing the different kind of weather around the U.S.A. The most unique thing about Dick Lavy to Daniel is that we are truly non-forced dispatch. If there is something going on at home they do the best they can to get you home for it. Where a company Driver becomes family, Daniel always says he appreciates being greeted by Mr. Lavy with his name.

Thanks to Daniel for his hard work of keeping the country moving and all that he does for Dick Lavy Trucking.