Driver Spotlight 3.24.23

Meet Jon Thordsen, a 4-year veteran of Dick Lavy Trucking. He is a second-generation driver that is happily following in his fathers’ footsteps. When he is not out on the road he enjoys spending time at home with family and friends. Jon says that best thing about working for Dick Lavy Trucking is meeting the people and customers while driving the state-of-the-art equipment. Everyone is willing to take time to chat and they are always so friendly. Jon has always wanted to be a driver ever since he was a child and with the Dick Lavy family he is achieving his dreams. His advice to others is, “Always challenge yourself and learn something new.”

Thanks to Jon for keeping America running!

Driver Spotlight 3.3.23

Meet Ricky Caylor, a 9 year Over the road Veteran with the Dick Lavy family. He enjoys gaming and the open road. The best part of being a part of Dick Lavy for Ricky is the passion he has for driving. He enjoys the family atmosphere here and not being just another number. Ricky loves being treated like family and the office support staff knowing him by name. “With great home time, great pay and the overwhelming feeling of importance. Do what makes you happy and if you aren’t come to Dick Lavy Trucking and make that change!”

Thanks for Ricky for always being a dedicated driver and a loyal Dick Lavy family member. We appreciate you Ricky.

Employee Spotlight

Meet John Ross, the new Safety Manager at Dick Lavy Trucking. He has a background in Safety and Logistics. He was the Logistics, Hub and Terminal Manager for USA Truck in Tipp City, Ohio. He’s been married for 28 years to his wife Kim! He has two children and one grandchild. He enjoys spending time with family, canoeing, wine and cooking. His goal for Dick Lavy Trucking is to go back to his passion of Transportation Safety and to find his “Last stop” in his ongoing 27-year long career in transportation. He’s excited to join the family here and meet all of the team members. His one thing he’d like to say to our Dick Lavy Family is, “I always have an open-door policy and I am willing to listen to your concerns (Work related or not). Being very proactive in safety and teaching others from being a driver to also being an owner operator with my own company, helps in relating and communicating with professional drivers.”

John has already been busy at the helm of the safety department. Please join me in welcoming him to our family!

Driver Spotlight 1/13/2023

Meet Daniel Porter, a 16 year over the road veteran of the Dick Lavy Family. Daniel has 4 grown kids and one at home with him and his girlfriend. When he is home he enjoys family time! He said that being the sole provider for his family, Dick Lavy has been there for his family in more than a financial way. He enjoys traveling and seeing the scenery and sights. He enjoys meeting new people and experiencing the different kind of weather around the U.S.A. The most unique thing about Dick Lavy to Daniel is that we are truly non-forced dispatch. If there is something going on at home they do the best they can to get you home for it. Where a company Driver becomes family, Daniel always says he appreciates being greeted by Mr. Lavy with his name.

Thanks to Daniel for his hard work of keeping the country moving and all that he does for Dick Lavy Trucking.

Driver Spotlight 12/30/22

Meet Gary Maynard! Gary was a 7-year veteran of our Dick Lavy Family and has since retired! He has one child but is still considered to be a family member of Dick Lavy Trucking! He enjoys riding his Harley in his spare time. His favorite part about Dick Lavy Trucking was the family atmosphere and how his dispatchers became his close friends. What made Dick Lavy Trucking unique to him was how Mr. Lavy knew all the driver’s names in Safety meetings. While the family atmosphere was important to him, he had great pay and the home time he needed for his family. His favorite memory was from a Dick Lavy Trucking Rodeo where he had bet a fellow driver the loser had to wear a dress on their dedicated route they shared! (He wore a dress later that week). The advice he has for future drivers is, “You’ll never drive better equipment than at Dick Lavy. If you start now, your life will get better immediately.”

Thanks to Gary and his kind words. We appreciate everything he has done for us and we all miss him dearly.



Driver Spotlight 12/16/22

Scott has been part of the Dick Lavy Trucking family since 2003! He loves being on the road and driving across the country. When he’s not out burning rubber, he enjoys his weekends with his friends and family. He told us the most unique thing about Dick Lavy Trucking AND the best thing is how open and close everyone is. He plans on retiring from Dick Lavy Trucking because of the “Great working conditions, great equipment and the great people he works with.”

Thank you for everything you do Scott. We appreciate you!

20 Years of Outstanding Service

Meet Paula Harding! She has been part of the Dick Lavy family for over 20 YEARS! Paula is a freight coordinator and dispatcher in the office and a devoted mother and wife at home. Her husband of over 7 years, John Harding, is a truck driver and has shown her the love of being on the road first hand! She enjoys being with her family in her spare time and draws inspiration from each and everyone of them. She has 3 children, 12 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild! The family she has waiting at home always makes her smile and is the reason for her to continue each day. In the off chance you can’t find her with her family you may see Paula outside with her garden of flowers or with her new puppy Sugar!

Over the 20 years she has been with Dick Lavy she has seen all kinds of new equipment come and go. She has seen a rapid expansion of drivers and the companies needs for more vehicles. She also has witnessed the expansions to our Waco Warehouse in Troy, Ohio as well. Her favorite thing about work for Dick Lavy is working with our customers, brokers and our family of Dick Lavy employees. She enjoys our family atmosphere and seeing how the company grows from year to year.

Paula truly is a great addition to our Dick Lavy family and we appreciate everything she does for us. Without people like you, Dick Lavy Trucking would not be the company it is today.


Driver Spotlight 12/9/22

Meet James Duty, a 5-year veteran of our Dick Lavy Family. He is an Over The Road driver who enjoys time on the lake fishing or at a concert. When home he enjoys his time with his wife and his Dogs. On the road his favorite thing he gets to do is see how happy the customer gets when he arrives for a delivery. The best part of Dick Lavy Trucking for him is that everyone knows him by name! He continues to say, “You’re treated like a person and not just a number. The support staff is always there for the drivers and treat you fairly.”

Among his 5 year stay with us he has enjoyed the company Christmas parties and the Annual hosted Truck Rodeos where the whole family and community gets together. James concluded that he will be here until he retires. “I make good money, and I get the home time that I want.” What more could you ask for?

Thanks to James for his outstanding record and continued support to keeping this country moving!