Driver Spotlight 12/2/22

Meet David Olewinski, a nearly 10 year over the road veteran to the Dick Lavy Family! He is married and during his home time he enjoys hiking, camping and spending some quality time at home. David says that he really loves running the new equipment, the great pay, flexible home time and his dispatcher. He would like to tell drivers who are thinking about joining the family, “Just join us! Let Dick Lavy Trucking know what you would like to do and let them help you achieve your goals.”

Thank you, David, for all that you do. You are truly appreciated and we hope you know that!

Driver Spotlight 11/23/2022

Meet Rick Merring, an 18-year veteran of the Dick Lavy Family. He is an Over the Road Driver who has been married for 27 years! He has one son and 3 grandchildren and loves spending time with them. He loves to go camping and travel in their travel trailer. Over his time with Dick Lavy he enjoys the consistency of good paying miles every week. While on the road Rick appreciates the responsiveness of drivers needs whether they be personal or professional from the support staff. He went on to conclude that, “Dick Lavy provides a family friendly atmosphere. If you dedicate yourself to doing a good job, everything else will fall in place. The helpfulness of all the company support staff from dispatch, administrative staff, safety (Krista Wulber especially) and the shop personnel will make it a great experience at Dick Lavy Trucking.”

Thanks to Rick for being with us for the ‘long haul’ and many more. Your dedication in keeping America running is always appreciated!

Driver Spotlight 11/18/22

Meet Family man Jeff Adams! He has been with the Dick Lavy family for 2 years as an Over the Road Driver. He has three kids, Jeffery (25), Olivia (23) and Connor (19). When not on the road he enjoys his time with his family. The family atmosphere is his favorite thing at Dick Lavy Trucking. “You aren’t a driver code or truck number. You’re a person. Mr. Lavy knows his drivers and will help you succeed.”

Jeff’s father sadly passed away almost 2 years ago and says that everyone supported him from the home office. “If it weren’t for Kristi, my dispatcher, it would have been much harder. I actually couldn’t think of being anywhere that I’m respected and treated so well. Dick Lavy is a great place to start and retire.”

Thanks to Jeff for being part of our Dick Lavy family. You truly are appreciated here and hope for a long successful future for you!

Driver Spotlight 11/11/2022

Meet Chris Cooper! A newer addition to our family. He runs a local day cab here in Bradford, Ohio and this is what he has to say about his Dick Lavy Trucking Experience.

“My family has over 200 combined years behind the wheel, but I have been the only one to work for Mr. Lavy with my 2nd anniversary approaching very soon. I have never been assigned a spouse but do proudly have a 19-year-old son Outside of work you can generally find me at an auction or ball field, both on a good day. I have been blessed enough to be on a semi dedicated honda/ceva route. I haven’t found a down side to Dick Lavy Trucking, but the absolute best part is the family atmosphere and focus on safety. Mr. Lavy keeps us in the best equipment available so we can make it safely home. Having as much family experience as I do in the industry the most unique part of Dick Lavy Trucking is our phenomenal support staff. Dispatchers and route planners being drivers or drivers’ spouses and having real life knowledge is a godsend. Still making memories, and enjoying meeting new drivers. I brought a friend to Dick Lavy Trucking with me (Bob Alderson) and I will ask every driver the same as I asked him when I was pulling him in. Why not? Why not drive good equipment? Why not be respected, valued, and trusted? Why not have better and BE better? I enjoy Dick Lavy Trucking because of the respect all across the board; from the offices, to our customers, to our vendors and even the police. Lavy drivers seem to be treated better than any other company I have seen or heard of.”

Thanks for everything you do for us at Dick Lavy Trucking Chris! Stay safe out there making those memories!

Driver Spotlight 11/4/2022

Meet Al Albert! He has seen it all at Dick Lavy Trucking. Happily retired after 15 great years at the company. Al ran a Dedicated route for the Dick Lavy family and now enjoys his retirement. Al has 3 daughters and a wife of 40 years!! In his retirement he follows his passion of animals by running a Doggie daycare. He loves to joke about how he works harder now being retired then he ever did with Dick Lavy. Al told us the best thing about Dick Lavy was the friends he made along the way and how honest the company was with him. Al said that his favorite memory of all the years was when Dispatch worked with his sister in secret to get him home for a Surprise party for him and his wife to share. He also explained that the home time, outstanding pay and amazing equipment were top notch! In his years of service to his Dick Lavy Family he offers this advice to new drivers : “Give yourself enough time to settle in.”

Thanks to Al for his outstanding record with his home away from home! Enjoy your much disserved retirement sir.


2018 Dick Lavy Trucking Rodeo and Picnic – 40th Anniversary

This year we are celebrating our 40th Anniversary! There was something for everyone at our annual rodeo and picnic with our driver simulator, kids games, prizes, food and ice cream. We were particularly excited to present our top rodeo winner, Gary Jeffers with a $2,500 travel voucher donated by our friends at S&S Volvo. Nathan Wilson came in second place and Mike Brown came in third place. They both had first pick of all of our fabulous prizes.

We look forward to this event each year and enjoy watching our drivers compete in this friendly and rewarding competition. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this event and helping us celebrate 40 years in business!

2017 Dick Lavy Truck Rodeo and Picnic

As we continued our tradition of the truck rodeo and picnic, the food, fun and competition were better than ever! We even had a visit from Gem of the Dayton Dragons.

Taking home first place in the rodeo this year with the top score on accuracy, was Nathan Wilson. There was a tie for second place between Allan Berry, Charles Howerton and Jason Winkle. Alex Mosebrook was awarded the third place spot. The top winners got first pick of all of the awesome prizes donated by our generous and loyal vendors.

There were also winners for those who competed in the driver simulator contest. Ryan Boyd was the top winner for the office. Of the drivers, Jim Foley took the lead.

Thanks to everyone for making this event fun and memorable!