Driver Spotlight 12/30/22

Meet Gary Maynard! Gary was a 7-year veteran of our Dick Lavy Family and has since retired! He has one child but is still considered to be a family member of Dick Lavy Trucking! He enjoys riding his Harley in his spare time. His favorite part about Dick Lavy Trucking was the family atmosphere and how his dispatchers became his close friends. What made Dick Lavy Trucking unique to him was how Mr. Lavy knew all the driver’s names in Safety meetings. While the family atmosphere was important to him, he had great pay and the home time he needed for his family. His favorite memory was from a Dick Lavy Trucking Rodeo where he had bet a fellow driver the loser had to wear a dress on their dedicated route they shared! (He wore a dress later that week). The advice he has for future drivers is, “You’ll never drive better equipment than at Dick Lavy. If you start now, your life will get better immediately.”

Thanks to Gary and his kind words. We appreciate everything he has done for us and we all miss him dearly.