Driver Spotlight 11/11/2022

Meet Chris Cooper! A newer addition to our family. He runs a local day cab here in Bradford, Ohio and this is what he has to say about his Dick Lavy Trucking Experience.

“My family has over 200 combined years behind the wheel, but I have been the only one to work for Mr. Lavy with my 2nd anniversary approaching very soon. I have never been assigned a spouse but do proudly have a 19-year-old son Outside of work you can generally find me at an auction or ball field, both on a good day. I have been blessed enough to be on a semi dedicated honda/ceva route. I haven’t found a down side to Dick Lavy Trucking, but the absolute best part is the family atmosphere and focus on safety. Mr. Lavy keeps us in the best equipment available so we can make it safely home. Having as much family experience as I do in the industry the most unique part of Dick Lavy Trucking is our phenomenal support staff. Dispatchers and route planners being drivers or drivers’ spouses and having real life knowledge is a godsend. Still making memories, and enjoying meeting new drivers. I brought a friend to Dick Lavy Trucking with me (Bob Alderson) and I will ask every driver the same as I asked him when I was pulling him in. Why not? Why not drive good equipment? Why not be respected, valued, and trusted? Why not have better and BE better? I enjoy Dick Lavy Trucking because of the respect all across the board; from the offices, to our customers, to our vendors and even the police. Lavy drivers seem to be treated better than any other company I have seen or heard of.”

Thanks for everything you do for us at Dick Lavy Trucking Chris! Stay safe out there making those memories!