20 Years of Outstanding Service

Meet Paula Harding! She has been part of the Dick Lavy family for over 20 YEARS! Paula is a freight coordinator and dispatcher in the office and a devoted mother and wife at home. Her husband of over 7 years, John Harding, is a truck driver and has shown her the love of being on the road first hand! She enjoys being with her family in her spare time and draws inspiration from each and everyone of them. She has 3 children, 12 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild! The family she has waiting at home always makes her smile and is the reason for her to continue each day. In the off chance you can’t find her with her family you may see Paula outside with her garden of flowers or with her new puppy Sugar!

Over the 20 years she has been with Dick Lavy she has seen all kinds of new equipment come and go. She has seen a rapid expansion of drivers and the companies needs for more vehicles. She also has witnessed the expansions to our Waco Warehouse in Troy, Ohio as well. Her favorite thing about work for Dick Lavy is working with our customers, brokers and our family of Dick Lavy employees. She enjoys our family atmosphere and seeing how the company grows from year to year.

Paula truly is a great addition to our Dick Lavy family and we appreciate everything she does for us. Without people like you, Dick Lavy Trucking would not be the company it is today.